Distinguished Individuality

Stylish accessories
for the confident individual

Elegance, with Flair

Retrospekt believes in empowering the individual. We work with select designers to draw inspiration from periods of distinction. Pairing the eccentricities and colour of modern street-wear with the timeless look of distinguished gentlemen from the golden age.

Evoke opulence, realise confidence. Take your style to the next level with accessories that portray you.

Realise your personal style

An IT graduate with distinctive flair, Brannoc believes in expressing individuality through fashion.

“Personal style is about feeling comfortable and strong with who you are, while outwardly expressing your ideals, personality and creative taste.”

Brannoc Whetter demonstrating his personal style with Art Deco Sovereign scarf and pocket square.

Retro Boulevard

M/FW 2023 - Melbourne Fashion Week

Steve Tilly Cream Floweringgum
Steve Tilly Grey Sovereign
Steve Tilly Blue Floweringgum
Steve Tilly Blue Brown Sovereign

“Best Aussie based pocket squares on the market, hands down.”

Steve Tilbrook Men’s Style Influencer

Retrospekt believes in expressing personal freedom and individuality through style.

Steve Tilbrook (@Steve_Tilly on Instagram), an Australian sartorial authority – and one of our earliest supporters – encapsulates this belief perfectly. Steve recently showcased some excellent interpretations featuring Retrospekt pocket squares, uniting our unique patterns and colours with his elegant style.

Take a look at some of his outfits!

“Best Aussie based pocket squares on the market, hands down.”

Steve Tilbrook, Men’s Style Influencer

Dashing Sophistication

Be bold. Be unique.
Be you, with confidence.

Accessories represent the personality of an individual, distinguishing you from the drabs of safe dressers. A pocket square, tie or bag can be a small yet crucial differentiator, whether you are going for casually dapper or elegantly formal.

Sophistication in versatility

From social events to business functions Retrospekt’s signature design philosophy is elegant wherever you peruse.

The look that suits

Effortlessly beautiful, ever wearable.

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