Our Story

“Style is an extension of oneself, a display of your distinction and elegant flair. “


Our Founder

An IT graduate an university lecturer with distinctive flair, Retrospekt founder Brannoc Whetter believes in expressing individuality through fashion. “Personal style is about feeling comfortable and strong with who you are, while outwardly expressing your ideals, personality and creative taste,” he explains. “A gorgeous pocket square or scarf adds pop and personality to any stylish silhouette, be it establishment cool or avant-garde extraordinary,”

Brannoc founded Retrospekt as a passion project to reignite interest in debonair style. Combining elegant, elevated design and technological innovation, he wanted to bring a new perspective to the market, providing people with options to express themselves and boost their confidence. 

“The world is a bright place with a lot to offer – why not be part of that radiance?”

Currently, Brannoc heads Retrospekt in its next objective: redefining elegance through technology.

Brannoc Whetter smiling in a cream suit wearing a Retrospekt scarf and pocket square.

Design Philosophy

Retrospekt believes in empowering the individual. We work with select designers to draw inspiration from periods of distinction. Pairing the eccentricities and colour of modern street-wear with the timeless look of distinguished gentlemen from the golden age.

With our first collection, we wanted to bring elements of Australia’s flora, fauna and history – all in vivid, yet tasteful designs. (Along with some additional geometric patterns!)

Evoke opulence, realise confidence. Take your style to the next level with accessories that portray you.

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