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Take a stroll through Retro Boulevard with a Retrospekt Scarf

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of vintage and retro fashion during Melbourne Fashion Week 2023. Our carefully curated collection of Retrospekt scarves is the perfect accessory to complete your throwback look. As you explore our Retro Boulevard, you’ll find our scarves effortlessly paired with classic and iconic retro clothing, showcasing how a simple accessory can transform your style. Whether you’re aiming for a ’70s boho vibe or a ’50s pin-up flair, these scarves add that extra touch of authenticity to your ensemble. Embrace the nostalgia, channel your inner fashion icon, and get ready to turn heads with Retrospekt scarves.”

Discover how a single scarf can transform your entire look, whether draped elegantly around your neck, worn as a bandana, tied around the wrist for a playful touch, or even as a statement accessory on your handbag. Dressed up or down, you are elevated.

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Art Deco Oceanliner Silk Square Scarf – Designed by Elise Whetter

AUD 810.00

Inspired by luxury liners of the 1920s, this piece envisions the allure of opulence and grandeur in a decadent Art Deco style, integrating bold reds and striking golds. Dynamic shapes from chevrons to arches and concentric circles layering and intertwining amongst black contours.

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Art Deco Sovereign Silk Square Scarf – Designed by Elise Whetter

AUD 810.00

Influenced by Greek Mythology and British Monarchy alike, the royal blues and striking golds combine as a tactful display of affluence and style.

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Lead Hair 

Redken (@redken)

Lead Makeup Artist

Bec Shannon (@becshannonmua)


Rochelle Renwick (@rochellerenwick)


Seeker Agency (@seekeragency)


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Culturesse (@Culturesse)

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Moda Eyewear (@moda.eyewear)

Scarves by

Retrospekt (@WearRetrospekt)

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Midas Shoes (@midas_shoes)

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