“Best Aussie based pocket squares on the market, hands down.”

Steve Tilbrook, Men’s Style Influencer

Retrospekt believes in expressing personal freedom and individuality through style.

Steve Tilbrook (@Steve_Tilly on Instagram), an Australian sartorial authority – and one of our earliest supporters – encapsulates this belief perfectly. Steve recently showcased some excellent interpretations featuring Retrospekt pocket squares, uniting our unique patterns and colours with his elegant style.

Take a look at some of his outfits!

Steve’s pairing of the colours from our silk pocket square designs is fantastic. Giving each piece of clothing it’s own space, while accentuating and highlighting his desired aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your individuality and try something different, you never know when a stylistic experiment will turn out beautifully.

Check out Steve on Instagram!

Be you, with confidence.

Brannoc Whetter.

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