Retrospekt – the regional startup with global post-pandemic fashion vision. Realise your personal style.

Whether classic or contemporary, after two years of ‘pandemic fashion’ men are turning their back on tees and tracksuits. The attention of many is instead captured by elegant, tailored styles, embellished with original accessories that embody quality craftsmanship and sustainable credentials –– as a scroll through GQ or Vogue will attest.

With such gentlemen in mind, young Ballarat entrepreneur, Brannoc Whetter, established Retrospekt to serve the global online marketplace with distinctive silk accessories. An IT graduate with distinctive flair, Brannoc believes in expressing individuality through fashion. “Personal style is about feeling comfortable and strong with who you are, while outwardly expressing your ideals, personality and creative taste,” he explains. “A gorgeous pocket square adds pop and personality to any stylish silhouette, be it establishment cool or avant-garde extraordinary,” suggests Brannoc.

“Personal style is about feeling comfortable and strong with who you are, while outwardly expressing your ideals, personality and creative taste.”

Brannoc Whetter – Founder of Retrospekt

Brannoc founded Retrospekt as a passion project to reignite interest in debonair style. “I noticed many menswear accessories are limited in design and colour-palette. I wanted to bring a new perspective to the market, providing people with options to express themselves and boost their confidence.” Brannoc suggests actualizing your personal style can help relieve the pandemic doldrums, remarking “what better way to acknowledge, reward and reinvigorate yourself as we emerge from an unhappy couple of years”.

The Retrospekt range of natural fibre, silk pocket squares and scarves are locally designed in Ballarat, Victoria, then printed and finished using a hand rolled sewing technique by world-class artisans in Como, Italy. Inaugural designs include bold Australian florals and Art Deco inspired geometry that “pair modern sensibilities with timeless, distinguished style,” explains Brannoc. “These accessories will amp up your racing carnival outfit, unify the appearance of wedding attendants, or polish your everyday look.”

Instagram’s Steve Tilbrook, an Australian sartorial authority, recently showcased some excellent interpretations featuring Retrospekt pocket squares on @Steve_Tilly, describing them as “the best Aussie based pocket squares on the market, hands down.” Influencers are among the community of fashion enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and mentors Brannoc has consulted regarding the Retrospekt business model. He has also harnessed local incubator and accelerator opportunities, including the Ballarat Export-Ready Incubator and the Latrobe Accelerator Program.

The best Aussie based pocket squares on the market, hands down.


Fashion affords individuals their most outward expression of self, with or without a face mask. When assembling your signature look, Brannoc offers the following advice: “Don’t be afraid to embrace your individuality and try something different, you never know when a stylistic experiment will turn out beautifully.”

Brannoc Whetter demonstrating his personal style with Art Deco Sovereign scarf and pocket square.
Brannoc demonstrating his personal style with the Art Deco Sovereign pocket square and scarf.


Brannoc has previously been interviewed by the ABC for radio and an article for a council music project: (1300 ROAR hotline sees COVID-19 feelings of frustration turned into beautiful music – ABC News), as well as the Arts Hub Australia (Call me: The 1300 hotline turning COVID emotions into music | ArtsHub Australia) 1300 ROAR — Creative Ballarat.

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